IST200 : Practical Programming for Information Professionals

Due to the prevalence of technology in our lives, learning to program has become the critical skill of the 21st century. As a student of this course you will learn practical applications of computer programming such as how to automate tasks, manipulate data and solve problems applicable to almost any academic discipline.

Course Description

We live in a connected world with constant information at our disposal. Phones, tablets, and gaming consoles… Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google – what do they all have in common? Code. Learning to code is the critical skill of the 21st century, and every career from astronomers to zookeepers can benefit from programming knowledge. Yes, everyone should learn to code, yet not everyone needs to become a computer scientist. Programming teaches you how to think, how to become an independent learner and most importantly how make computers do work for you. Would you like to receive a TXT when a file download completes? Plot the locations of your Instagram followers on a map? Use weather information to suggest if you should pack an umbrella? If so, you should learn to code!

This course is for students new to programming. We will code in Python - an easy to learn yet powerful computer programming language. We will take an applied approach to programming, focusing on how to accomplish tasks and solve real-world problems as opposed to general computing theory. The course will cover programming fundamentals via relatable examples and quickly moves on to practical and interesting applications of computing.

Learning Objectives

Upon course completion students will be able to:

Specifically we will learn to program computers to:


Python code sample:

x = input("Enter your name: ")
print("Hello", x)