DS Appliance

DS Appliance, the School of Information Studies Data Science Appliance is a Virtual Machine you run from your own Windows, Linux or Mac Computer. It contains software packages and applications we’ll use in this course, thereby eliminating the need for you to perform cumbersome and frustrating setups on your personal computer.

Current Release:

You can download the Virtual Machine here:
R1: “Balmy-Batman” (1/26/2016)

Getting Started

This section convers the requirements for the Data Science Appliance and includes setup instructions for downloading it to your computer.

System Requirements

The virtual appliance requires 2GB of RAM and 30GB of Disk space. It is recommended your computer has at minimum 4GB RAM and 40GB free disk space. Make sure your computer meets these requirements before you begin.

Setup Instructions


The Data Science Appliance runs on Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 or higher. Setup of VirtualBox is straightforward.

Downloading The Appliance

To Setup the DS Appliance:

  1. Download the Ds Appliance zip file (information under Current Release section)
  2. Unzip dsappliance-r#.zip to the file dsappliance-r#.ova
  3. Start VirtualBox
  4. From the menu, select File –> Import Appliance
  5. From the Appliance to Import screen, select the dsappliance-r#.ova file you downloaded in the first step.
  6. Click Next and then Finish to start the import.
  7. Relax! It might take a few minutes to import the appliance.
  8. When complete, start the virtual appliance.

What’s On The Appliance?

The following Software Applications are on DS Appliance:

Change Log

Release Code Name Date Status Comments
R1 “Balmy-Batman” 1/26/2016 CURRENT Initial Release
R2 “Fearful-Flash” TBD N/A None
R3 “Grouchy-Green Lantern” TBD N/A None
R4 “Wacky-Wonder Woman” TBD N/A None
R5 “Savory-Superman” TBD N/A None