Course Schedule

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This Week

Lesson 04: Conditionals


In this lesson we learn:

  • How to make our code execute in a non linear fashion through the use of conditionals.
  • Relational and logical operators for making boolean expressions which form the basis of our decisions.
  • Different types of non-linear execution like conditional excution, alternative execution, chaining, and nesting, and their appropriate uses.
  • How to handle run-time errors with try..except.


What’s Due?

  • Diagnostic Quiz [Q04]
    • Read / watch the resources before your take the quiz.
    • The quiz can be found on Blackboard.
    • It must be completed the day before lecture day.
  • Coding Lab [L04]
    • The lab is in your Git repository folder: content/lessons/04/Class-Coding-Lab
    • Turn in your completed lab using the git submission procedure.
    • Lab must be completed by the end of the day 11:59pm before your recitation day.
  • Homework [H04] Now You Code 2
    • The homework assignment can be found in your git repository folder content/lessons/04/Now-You-Code/NYC2
    • Turn in your homework using the git submission procedure.
    • Must be completed by end of the week: Saturday evening 11:59pm