Github Classroom Setup

Now that you have your GitHub account and git installed on your laptop, you need to get access to our class repository, and then clone it to your computer.


  1. Get access to our Github Classroom repository
  2. Clone the repository to your computer
  3. Configure Git
  4. Test your setup

NOTE: For every computer you wish to setup the repository on, you must repeat the last 3 steps.

Get access to our Github Classroom repository

  1. Go to the website and sign in with your GitHub with the account and password.
  2. Click on this GitHub Classroom invite link here:
  3. A Page will ask you to accept the assignment.
    The part highlighted in yellow will match your GitHub username.
    Click Accept this assignment
  4. You might be asked to accept some permissions. Make sure to accept them. After that you will then see this confirmation screen.
  5. Click the link at the bottom of the message to go to your repository page. (The link following the text Your assignment has been created here:)
  6. Your repository page will look like this:
    As usual, the highlighted portions should match your GitHub username.

This is a one-time setup, and you do not need to repeat this process if you want to clone the repository to more than one computer.

Clone the repository to your computer

  1. From the repository page (where you left off), click on the clone or download button:
  2. Copy the link under Clone with HTTPS.
  3. Open a command line on your computer in the IST 256 folder.
  4. In the command window, type: git clone then paste the link you copied in the first step. The full command should look like this:
    git clone of course yourgithub will be your actual GitHub account, which if you followed the directions is netid-su.
  5. The output of the git clone command should look like this:
    the command I highlighted is outlined in red, my GitHub account is highlighted in yellow.

Configure Git

First you must customize git so your commits contain your name and email.

  1. Open a command line.
  2. Type git config --global "Your Name" of course replace Your Name with your name, like Michael Fudge. Make sure to keep the quotes. Press ENTER key to accept the command.
  3. Type git config --global and replace netid with your SU NetID. Press the ENTER key to accept the command.

Test Your Setup

  1. Follow the instructions for: How do I commit my code and push to GitHub?